For those of you who don’t know, (I didn’t before this morning) Kickboxing is actually seems quite difficult to get into. I expected it to be easier – after all, with most other physical activities, you show up, fumble around trying to get your bearings, and eventually get the hang of it. I thought the same might be true of my newest attempt to get my body looking like Hillary Swank’s, but apparently it’s not as easy as yoga or zumba or even running.

Image're doing it wrong.

My gym, God love it, doesn’t offer any high-intensity classes. It’s a fantastic community center with great programs for kids and those who are new to fitness. I wouldn’t give up my membership for the world for these reasons and more:


1.)  Little girls hopping around in ballet-looking house shoes from Family Dollar.


2.)  Old men lifting one-to-five pound weights – once, I heard one old man make fun of his friend for doing curls with two-pound dumbbells, to which the latter, nonplussed, replied, “Ain’t no shame in my game.”


3.)  Big women talking to each other about how great they feel after a workout. A woman lifting next to me once told me that she didn’t know what she was doing (and I admitted to her that I was truly in the same boat) and she said we were ok – “As long as you’re doing something.” She nodded with her eyes on me to confirm that we were both doing the right thing by even making it off the couch and into the gym.


You get the idea – little East Park Community Center is the epicenter of feel-good health gems, and I just can’t let my $20 per month membership go.


Running is also something that I still love to do, and thankfully, now that I have good shoes, it’s free. It’s just that I don’t surprise myself over my abilities anymore; I’m still slow and tired, but if I break through a barrier, instead of being amazed at myself, I just think, “It’s about time.” I remember the first time I ran ten miles – I looked at my nike plus after a while and saw it said I’d run seven, and an indescribable wave of confidence and disbelief came over me. I knew I could run three more, and that felt incredible. For someone who began running as a way to prove that she could do things entirely by herself, I certainly did. Later, when life threw obstacles in the way, I went back to that place where I saw I’d run seven miles on the ipod screen and knew I could do more.  Running to me has been invaluable, and yet I haven’t been close to one of those moments in a long time.


Yoga for me functioned like church in 2010-2011. Developing the relationship between my body and mind was beautiful, and all the stress of work and relationships seemed miniscule when I felt connected to the universal force. As fate would have it, support for my yoga habit was entirely dependant on the groupon for the day. When my groupon ran out at one studio, another one would magically be offered at another. I went to three different studios regularly throughout my year in Pittsburgh, and squeezed in lower-intensity classes offered free at my gym at work when I could. Alas, the universal force must be telling me that yoga is not needed as much now, as there have been no yoga groupons in the Nashville area since I came.  And yoga is freaking expensive.


 So that leads me looking for a new challenge. I’m interested in boxing but there are significant roadblocks:


1.)  It’s expensive. $20 per class? Don’t they always just practice in a dilapidated gym with some old crazy guy in the movies? I don’t need a state of the art facility or award-winning instructors; where do I find the gym that I can’t go to after dark until I learn how to kick some butt?

2.)  The YMCA doesn’t offer it. The community center doesn’t offer it. The only places I can find on the web are specifically designated for kickboxing, and thus, we make our way back to problem #1.


Suggestions are welcome! Help me learn how to box, please!

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