Just today

Just a couple of random updates – nothing fancy today J


I ran 6 miles today, and I’m trying out some new eating habits (in preparation for Bonnaroo – 13 days away!) that include more fruits and vegetables and do not include gluten. I read an article that said most people don’t lose weight on a gluten diet, but most people just substitute “gluten-free” versions of the foods (bread, pasta, baking stuff) and assume it doesn’t work. To be honest, I’m perfectly happy with my weight and don’t much care about that part, but I think it feels nice to give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive anyway. I just feel better when I eat well. I find that I can remember things more easily and generally don’t have as many “netflix nights,” where you can bring yourself to do nothing put sit and stare and eat.

pretty colors


My friend Callie and I signed up for the Muddy Buddy at the end of June! It’s a mud obstacle course where the obstacles require a buddy. She suggested we work out together at least once a week until the race, which I’m totally on board with. I’ve never had a female work out buddy – this is going to be fun!


Also, I’ve saved the best for last – remember when I was moaning about how there are no fitness groupons in Nashville and how I wanted to try kickboxing but it was too expensive? Well, guess. what. I just bought a kickboxing groupon. 😀

better than a stress ball


The studio is a little far, and if the instructions on their website are any indication, they’re a little overwhelmed (or, one might argue seeing the all-caps notification that we must call ahead before just showing up to a class, FREAKING OUT) by all the new business, but that’s all beside the point: I’m going to try kickboxing! Yay!



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