Memorial Day Weekend

Just coming down off a great weekend.


After weeks and weeks of running around and seeing how much stress I could pack into as little time as possible, I did absolutely nothing on Saturday and Sunday, which were each slices of heaven. I rested, ate delicious food, cleaned, read, wrote, and sang songs with Ryan for two glorious days. It’s these times when I’m glad I don’t own a TV or have a facebook account, so when I’m feeling lazy, I can still do things I like to do, rather than things that are easy to do.


Yesterday was Memorial Day and Ryan and I were off work again. I woke up and ran 5 miles around West End, Ryan’s neighborhood – a nice change from my normal East Nashville loops. I ran past Vanderbilt, around Centennial Park, and back down West End Avenue, which reminded me of when I first started running in Beijing. I’m not used to running among high rises and construction anymore, but I certainly used to be.


After my run, I wrote for a while and then Ryan and I were off to record his demo. The studio was beautiful (pictures coming soon) and the producer was great. He had a sense of humor that reminded me of my dad (While furiously working on his mixer: “No one told me when I got into rock and roll that there would be this much typing!”) and he had a very genuine personality that brought out the best in Ryan. He recorded two songs (“At the Airport” and “All I Know” for you Ryan Lynch facebook fans) and they’ll be up on his website soon, which I’ll link to here so we can all enjoy them together.


Tonight I’ll go to the gym for a light work out, and tomorrow morning (drumroll please) is my FIRST KICKBOXING CLASS. 7 a.m. I can’t wait to hurt! 🙂

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