Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Python

Good news – my kickboxing curiosity has been satisfied! The verdict? LOVED it!


I rolled out of bed at 6 this morning with a new kind of energy. When I go for an early-morning run or attempt to be among the first half-awake gym-goers, I can make it out of bed, but it generally takes more energy to do that than to complete my work out. Not the case this time – I was excited and ready to go!


Python Fitness is sort of far from where I live (I tend to stay in my little East Nashville bubble unless I absolutely can’t help it) but the traffic was perfectly manageable in the early morning. I rolled into Belle Forrest Road and looked around until I saw the sign – time to go in and kick some butt!


Chris, the owner, was super nice and so were the three other girls who’d come for class. Even though I’d forgotten to print out my groupon voucher (doh!) no one seemed to mind for the moment. The regular kickboxing instructor had some sort of conflict, but since Chris was there, he just jumped in and taught the class. Not that I would have had a problem with it anyway, but I’d read his bio on their website yesterday and so knew he had lots of experience.


We started with stretches (mental note: take a little jog before coming into class next time. My body doesn’t react well to stretching before it’s warm) and put on some weight lifting gloves to protect our hands from the big bad punching bag. After the gloves were on, I just had a blast.


Reasons why I loved it:


1.)  There were only four of us, so I feel like I got a lot of personalized attention as we were learning some basic forms.


2.)  It’s a small community gym where people seem to know each other well. I love (love!) community. It’s so important in the realm of physical fitness.


3.)  I learned quickly that both ballet and running techniques could be applied to the exercise. Standard form seems to require balance and posture, which I’ve had practice in and could apply. Also during a certain kick, (I’m still totally ignorant of all the names of the movements) it became clear that spotting (fixing your gaze on an object – in this case, the punching bag – and immediately turning your head as you pivot to look at it again) would help, and it did!


4.)  It made me feel good about myself. Normally, I’m very hard on myself and get very frustrated that I can no longer run 20 miles in a morning and then work a full day, or do developpes at the barre with my heels above my head. Getting older and a little less active makes me feel like a failure sometimes, but the truth is that I’m still in good shape and I can accomplish my goals if I put my mind to it. This class – doing something new – reminded me of that.


5.)  The personalities in the room were priceless. Everyone there just seemed to want to have fun. No yoga mean girls, no grunting guys – just actual people loving and respecting their bodies.


The only drawbacks were:


1.)  My knuckles started bleeding. I look this picture when I got home, so it had stopped for the more part. Chris suggested gloves. I think I’ll take his advice and get some hand wraps as an early birthday present to myself.

I realize this makes me look whiny

2.)  It ended. All good things must, so I’m told.


I already can’t wait until one week from today! Oh, heck, I’ll just make another list of the reasons why:


1.)  It’s my birthday!


2.)  Another kickboxing adventure!


3.)  Lindsay and Tim are coming in from Pittsburgh!




4.) BONNAROO! Music! Yoga! Camping! Friendship! Gwraaahh! 🙂

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