Ode to my irresponsible self…

This is my angry, healthy alter ego.

Get back on the health train, Megan. 

Just do it. This post-bonnaroo body isn’t working for you. 

I know you miss your friends. 

I know work is stressful. 

I know you’re moving. 

Those aren’t excuses to disrespect your one body you get in this life. One. Don’t blow this. 

This is my lazy self scared straight by my angry healthy alter ego.

Ok, ok. A little self-directed trash talk is all I needed. 7 a.m. workout with Callie tomorrow. Off to bed. 

This is me realizing how dumb this post really is and wondering if I should really post this for strangers on the internet to read.

2 thoughts on “Ode to my irresponsible self…

  1. It’s like a comic strip!

  2. thanks for this lecture.
    i’m going to gym it up now 🙂
    (and I certainly wasn’t going to pre-reading)

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