Kickboxing Monday, Cat Trouble Tuesday

Yesterday I went to kickboxing class again, ready to rock, as always. The door was locked when I got there, prompting me to send a photo of my face to my new fiancé to show how I felt about having to get up early and drive all the way to Bellevue just to discover class had been cancelled again.


that girl wanted to stay in bed.


I texted the owner of the gym and began to drive away, but he just told me to check there back door. April the workout guru was waiting, chipper and excited and not upset at all that I was ten minutes late at that point.


There was only one other girl in the class besides me. I have a love/hate relationship with all this personalized attention I get in that class – it’s great on lots of levels, but at a certain point, I just want to turn into a toddler and pout because I’m tired. That attitude never did any good for anyone, though, so I just keep working through and hoping she’ll look down at her watch eventually during core drills.


To clarify, I’m very happy with the intensity of the workouts there. They’re just really hard. But it’ll be exciting when I start to see results! Especially because I’m considering wearing a sleeveless dress for the wedding – It’d be great to look like I could bench press the altar before then.


if I just keep up this attitude, maybe I’ll look like a pale Michele Obama in my wedding dress!


In other news, Chicken, my kitty cat, had a little episode last night. She had a bad reaction to the flea shampoo I bought for her and had to be brought into the emergency clinic. Note to all strangers on the internet: DO NOT buy over-the-counter medications for your little fuzzy baby angel. I know vet visits are a pain and expensive and it’s tempting to go to Target and be done with it, but don’t do it. When I spoke with the vet about midnight last night, he said that he’d seen animals die from these shampoos and topical treatments. He told me it wasn’t my fault necessarily (after all, the bottle says “for cats” and has a picture of a freaking cat on it) but medical experts have nothing to do with this industry of over-the-counter flea treatments. Luckily, Chicken was ok after some fluids and muscle relaxers, so I brought her home and she slept on the pillow beside me.


Today, I called the company and the EPA to file complaints about the unregulated, unchecked industry of flea and tick pesticides. I don’t think I got very far, but it did my heart good to call.

my fruffy lil baby cat princess, all better now.


Tomorrow is yet another kickboxing class. Maybe I’ll start to get better at some point.

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