Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! So much has happened in the past week!

I moved on Friday and Saturday to a new little cottage (I call it my “Miss Honey House” – it looks like it’s fresh off the set of Matilda) in East Nashville. It was just me and Ryan doing all the heavy lifting (and just me moving my futon) so I used it as an excuse not to work out this weekend.

my abode!


By the time I got to kickboxing on Monday morning, the concept that I might have made a mistake hit me. One of the things I hate love about kickboxing is that it never gets easier. At least it hasn’t gotten any easier so far. It’s because we stick to a routine (arms, legs, arms on the bags, cardio drill, core drill) but the drills are always different. April mentioned (as I was dying in plank) that it was essential to change up our work outs, and that it was at the times we were at our weakest when we showed our real strength. If that’s true, I have no idea why I’m not getting any stronger, because I seem to be at my weakest quite often.


It’s always when I’m driving away from the gym, exhausted, soaked in sweat and slightly worried about my limited range of motion, that I take the time to thank myself for waking up early and making it to class. It’s only at that time that I’m happy I felt like I was going to throw up, and instead just stayed in my plank or jumped into another burpee. Every other time (like not, for instance) I’m resigned to the reality that this is what it means to live an active lifestyle – that certain things may get easier, but then it’s necessary to move on, to give yourself daily challenges. In that way it never gets easier, but you’ll never regret living your life with respect to and power over your body.

Our gym, little East Park



Yesterday was Tuesday, and Callie and I went to the gym together. We initially began going together because we were running a mud race as partners, but I we never stopped and I’m so happy we didn’t. When I told her I was getting married, she said she was 1.) happy for me 2.) happy that she wasn’t losing her workout buddy. I was too – I’ve never had a girlfriend that I regularly worked out with before. It’s so great to have someone to talk to while also being productive. We took a long walk around the indoor track (outside was over 100 degrees!) and saw a Zumba class starting, and just jumped in! While talking about whether we wanted to do it or not, I heard April’s voice in my head saying “You girls have to change up your workouts. It’s just so important.” So we walked down to the gym and shook what our mamas gave us. I left again feeling sweaty and thankful.

getting ready to zumba



This morning I went on one of the shortest runs ever. It was 9 a.m. by the time Ryan and I were ready to run, and already in the nineties, but we thought it was manageable. I was about one mile into it when I noticed it was taking just as much energy (or more!) to breath than it was to actually run. So the run was only two miles, although you’d have thought I’d just finished a mid-distance race to look at me.




Ryan and I are about to go eat some celebratory pie for the Fourth of July/National Pie Week. With three difficult workouts now behind me, I think I can afford it! Happy pie week!

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