What the friendless do on the Fourth of July



Ryan and I decided to go a-dream-chasin to Nashville about 11 months ago. Since then, we’ve made plenty of networking contacts, acquaintances, roommates, and smiley pedestrians, but no real friends. (updated: I have one). It’s not that we’re unfriendly or smelly or unknowingly offensively sarcastic (I think) – after all, we had a nice little urban family in Pittsburgh, (and our hearts just ache for the barbecues that we just knew they were having without us on days like yesterday) but nothing here, not so far.


So here’s what you do when you realize there are no friends to barbecue, watch fireworks, and celebrate freedom with:


1.) Get really excited about going to get some pie at Noshville.

2.) Realize Noshville closed two hours ago for the holiday.

3.) Keep your fingers crossed all the way to the grocery store, praying that it’s open and has pie.

4.) High-five each other when you realize they do, and they’re two for one.

5.) Buy blueberry and take home.

6.) Make coffee and look up the text of the constitution on the internet.

7.) Drink coffee, eat pie, and take turns reading the constitution to each other in various voices.

8.) Get tired from doing that, collapse on the couch, and watch American Pie 2. 


A little sad? Maybe. Delicious? Yes. 

1 thought on “What the friendless do on the Fourth of July

  1. Well that does make me sad. You all should have drove up for the day. (I know 3 hours is still a long way for one day.) Although it was too hot to eat outside, we cooked out and I made potato salad.

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