Change, Change, Change

When I hear my kickboxing instructor saying something I don’t want to hear, I get that old high-school feeling I used to have when my mom would give advice – you know she’s right, but you don’t want her to be. April told us to change out our workouts every few sessions and my inner child squirmed and pouted.


“But I like kickboxing! But I’m NOT used to it! I’m not!”


And that much is true – the drills are still difficult for me, so now that I’m more than halfway through the 10 classes I bought with my groupon, I was considering carrying on with it. So what if classes are cancelled every now and then without any prior indication? So what if that means my body gets used to the same arms, legs, arms, cardio, core drills? That would just mean I’m getting better, right?


But it’s going to have to pass. It’s not that I’m getting bored with it, it’s just that I can finally see the wisdom in April’s statement. The fact that I’m so reluctant to change my gym routine on my own is probably a good indication that I need to get out of my comfort zone.


Yesterday after dragging myself out of bed and driving all the way out to Belle Forrest, I found that class had been cancelled once again. When I asked the owner in an text what had happened, the answer I got was that I should have RSVP’d, which is the first I’d heard of that. Ryan thinks that I should ask for a groupon refund, but that’s not me. I just told myself I’d make it to the gym later and went to work.


Fortunately, Callie called to ask if I wanted to go to a dance class at the YMCA later that afternoon, which of course, I did. It was called Dance It Out and was another one of those booty-shaking group classes. I had a blast – it’s pretty much all cardio, but after an hour of jumping around, you at least feel like you’ve done something good for your body. I was so sweaty afterwards that you’d have thought I’d jumped into a pool.


On the way home, Cal told me about a very interesting groupon. A 30-class pass for various fitness classes:


• Yoga Room of Nashville — redeem up to 5 classes

• Consistently Persistent FitBody — redeem up to 10 classes

• START Fitness — redeem up to 10 classes

• WestSide Athletic Club — redeem up to 10 classes

• Circuit Athletics Fitness and Wellness Center — redeem up to 10 classes

• West Dragon Kung Fu — redeem up to 10 classes


Assuming all of these places are coordinated enough to handle the response, I think this is the best idea ever. I love the idea of sketching out a calendar with my workout buddy and shocking my body into finally getting ripped like Jesus. I’m especially excited for the Kung Fu!


What’s the best fitness class you’ve ever taken?

3 thoughts on “Change, Change, Change

  1. The best fitness class I’ve ever taken was a workshop in West African Dance with live drummers there to accompany the dancing. Oh my! So much fun, we were laughing out loud.

  2. That sounds amazing! Dance classes are so different than anything else – I don’t know of any other fitness niche that has every laughing and/or smiling the whole time!

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