Regular People

My dad came to Nashville for work today and met me at my office for a late lunch – I wish we’d gotten a picture, but this will have to do for now:


I wish we were this tan in real life.


We ate at a coffee shop and walked over to Fanny’s House of Music here in East Nashville, my favorite music spot in the world so far. The owners know their stuff and seem happy to see you walk into their shop, (even when it’s the third time this week, as I’ve discovered) and I feel comfortable playing the instruments there. No one looms over your shoulder or hands you a business card with their name written on it, no one tries to upgrade you to the ruby-encrusted guitar case or titanium picks, they’re around when you need them and will leave you along when you don’t. Perfect.




I took my dad there today to visit the guitar I’d been ogling all week. I’ve actually been looking for a new guitar for months on and off, but finally found “the one” on Monday. I really don’t have time to be looking for a new instrument right now, so it’s bizarre that this was the week of all weeks, but that’s just another argument for the influence of fate in our lives.


Alright, I should really wrap up this guitar story as it has nothing to do with physical health (though quite a lot to do with mental health): Took my dad, he’s great at this kind of thing, he played it, he liked it, he asked for a price reduction, the owner agreed, and I bought it. And I. Love. It.


Check it out:

my baby 🙂


So I played it nonstop from the time I got home from work to just a moment ago. My fingers stung a little so I decided to write this entry to give them something else to do. Hopefully they’ll be better by the time I finish this so I can get back to it. I already feel much closer to reaching goal #4 on my Twenties Goals page – although I admit that’s still far away. Wouldn’t be a goal if it wasn’t.


Back to this blog’s theme: I went to the gym this morning for some strength training but didn’t stay too long. I just ran one mile to warm up then went through an upper body/core circuit for about 25 minutes. All in all, it was just over half an hour, but I think it’s probably better than nothing. I’ll go again tomorrow.


Also, my dad and I talked for a minute about my last blog post, and I told him about yet another dumb health blog post I’d seen yesterday: The 5 Stages if a Juice Fast. It made me think the same thing I always think when I see these fitness magazine articles: “Great – too bad I don’t have enough money/free time to even think about applying this to my own life.”


My dad agreed. He even went so far as to suggest that I wasn’t even one to talk, that I’d carved out a special place for health in my life throughout these last three years, but that most people have not. I disagree. It’s true that since 2009, I’ve gotten more serious about taking care of my body, but I didn’t turn into an Olympic athlete and millionaire. I just kept living my life, but with a desire to live it healthier. I’m still living on a .org income and trash-talking myself out of bed and into the gym in the mornings.


What I would like to do is think about how to slightly change many of these health magazine articles to force-fit them into my own, regular-person life, like I did with the Office Health post. I’ll be thinking about how to do a juice fast as a regular person. Suggestions are, as always, warmly welcome!


In the meantime, I’ll be in my room pretending to be a rockstar.

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