I’ve been putting off blogging because, shamefully, I’ve figured out a way to do a full-fledged, three-day, regular-person juice fast and just haven’ had the willpower to go through with it just yet. So I have to begin with an excuse: I haven’t done it because I haven’t yet felt like doing it. That’s all.


I just have to be careful not to truly cheat for the time being because I have big news: Ryan and I now have a blender. Ryan’s mom and sisters threw a surprise bridal show while I was in Pittsburgh last weekend and gave us a top-of-the-line one, along with many other lovely gifts, both practical and sentimental. I don’t have any pictures of it (yet) but here’s an artistic reenactment:


Here’s something no one tells you about being engaged: your engagement is like an onion. The realization that you’re getting married doesn’t hit you all at once; instead, the layers slowly get peeled away and little waves of the true gravity of your situation are revealed to you over time. You feel the ring on your finger without realizing it was there, a relative sends their congratulations in a card, and slowly, you realize what you’re about to do. I’m still aware that there are still layers on, but this bridal shower felt like another layer being taken off. 


I realize this is not a wedding blog. I’m just excited that Ryan and I are about to share a blender.


2 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. which one is me?

    1. Stage left, closest to the camera in my mind, with the pink bow! 🙂

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