Hanging with the Triathletes

Just a quick one tonight – I just finished writing more thank you notes, pasting pictures on them, and sending them off. Unfortunately, these little hidden wedding chores really eat up my non-work time, so as much as I would love to write a good long entry about how much I enjoyed my day, I’ll have to write a “just the facts, ma’am” kind of post.


I came home and ate an apple after work before heading off to the park for a run. I was just going to do an easy three miles because I haven’t been great about my workouts lately and felt the need to ease back into running, more regularly but shorter distances. I brought my yoga mat and two five-pound dumbbells, just in case I was feeling crazy at the end.


Me and my home gym


Shelby Bottoms is the park I’ve been running in since I moved to Nashville last summer. It’s the park I ran the Snowflake 5k and the Girls on the Run 5k and practice 5k in. In fact, Callie and I were just there the day before, where we walked and ran the usual 5k course. I was just going to run it again, slightly faster, but when I drove into the park, I saw that there were a ton of cars there.


I began to get excited. Was this East Nasty, the running group I’ve been wanting to run with for a year? There were over a hundred people there, all dressed in running clothes. I found a parking space and speed-walked over to the nearest people I saw.


“Do you know what’s going on tonight? Is this an East Nasty run?” I totally played it cool (I hope).


The people I’d asked said it was, but they were a different group. They were a triathlon-training group, here tonight to train for the running section. They immediately invited me to run with them instead. The coach looked and me.


“You should come with us. You’re built like a triathlete: long and lean.”




Flattery will get you everywhere.


I figured I’d always have time for East Nasty. It’s one of my goals, so I eventually have to make it a priority. I ran with the triathletes.


We ran 20 minutes in, 20 out along the greenway. It was, as always, a beautiful run, though pretty muggy. I talked with a woman in her forties who’d only been competing in events for three years. She was friendly and talkative (and fast!) which was great because I’m not used to talking on runs and get out of breath very quickly.


I was asked a couple of times if I do triathlons, and if I’d consider doing one. The answer, I guess, is that I would absolutely love to; the problem is that I don’t know how to swim (although I have been known to make swimming motions if I find myself in water) and I have a cheap, broken bike that I don’t really ride anymore. It’d be a significant challenge, and one that I know I just don’t have time for at the moment. I did think about it for a hot second, only to hear the voice of one of my college friends echoing the words she’d said a couple of years ago. I was going through a bad breakup and decided that now was the time to take guitar lessons, run another marathon, stop drinking alcohol completely, and learn how to bake the perfect cupcake. As I finished telling her all the amazing things I was going to do with my newly single life, she touched my arm and said, “Megan, I need to tell you this: you have too many goals.”


So now I check myself before I set myself up for disappointment. But I was so inspired by the group that I came home and rolled out the yoga matt. I did a series of weighted burpees, bicep curls and lunges before doing some sun salutations. I let the cat roam around the backyard while I was working out – she looked at me like I had three heads.


To bed now – meeting Callie at the gym at 7 a.m. tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Hanging with the Triathletes

  1. You are such a “Funny Bunny” Love ya Honey.

  2. Here’s to having too many goals!

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