Living the Slow Life

After several years of hearing and reading about active people suddenly developing injuries and the challenges that accompany these misfortunes, I find myself, for the first time in recent memory, in the same proverbial boat.


Terrible Foot


It’s not even a good story, especially someone who claims to blog about fitness. So, just in case my image stands to be damaged by hearing what really happened, I’ve written a build-your-own-adventure story of what happened. Believe what you will.


I was just…


a.)   at work

b.)  killing it at the gym, rocking out with a no-big-deal 90-minute tricep workout to sculpt my sweet guns


…When I noticed


a.)   The keys to the storage room were not in their usual spot

b.)  They were out of 50-pound dumbbells.


I thought it’d be a good idea to…


a.)   Climb over the doorframe, which doesn’t quite reach the ceiling, and jump down in order to unlock it and successfully feed the demon copier more paper.

b.)  Pick a fight with the biggest guy I saw.


And though I wasn’t expecting it…


a.)   The wall was higher off the ground than it looked while I was actually on the ground. I fell and sprained my foot.

b.)  That guy was so intimidated he began to cry and fainted straight on my foot.


So now I feel…


a.)   Dumb. Really dumb, and in pain.

b.)  Mad that I can’t do my 20-miler this weekend. Guess I’ll just have to cut it down to 15.


So now that the how is out of the way, I’ll cut to the chase: I can’t move. It’s excruciating to put weight on it, and every time I try, I am in immediate danger of breaking my nose on the ground.


The good news is that my two best friends (Ryan and Chicken) are being really great about it. Ryan’s been driving me around, waiting in doctor’s offices, feeding me food and medicine, carrying my bags, and generally being extremely helpful both physically and emotionally. In his words, “This may be a sign that we both need to slow down.” It’s true – last night, I was planning on going to the gym, cleaning my house, and doing laundry before my board meeting this morning. I love being productive, but everybody needs rest now and then.


Chicken’s been nice, too. She keeps checking on me when I leave the bed and randomly giving me this look:

“so…you good?”


I’m certain I’ll be back on my feet in a few days. Right now, I’m just enjoying living slow.

3 thoughts on “Living the Slow Life

  1. Oh man! That dude needs to not be baby and then he wouldn’t have crushed your foot!! 🙂 I wish you a speedy recovery!!

  2. Aww, Megan. I am so sorry!

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