ten things I’d rather be doing

Things I’d rather be doing right now instead of working at 8 p.m. this evening:

  • Run away.

As in, get in a car and drive to nowhere or buy a plane ticket to wherever my finger lands on a map. I don’t know why I get these momentary urges to go away and live for a while (probably because I don’t know how I’ve found myself sitting on my bed in Tennessee endlessly working in excel with only my cat as company) but it’s strong tonight. 

  • Get a short, short hair cut

Another “Who am I and how did I get here, anyway?!” sort of urge, I suppose. 

  • Go visit Bobby’s Idle Hour

I found out today, after months of speculation, that the building with the words “Bobby’s Idle Hour” painted on the outside a real place, and people can and do go inside. It’s all here in this thought-provoking article.

  • Plan my wedding

Seriously, there’s so much to do. And here I am blogging procrastinating.

  • Attend my Nashville Human Rights Campaign Meeting


  • Play my guitar

Big Luna and I are getting to know each other. It’s going better than it ever did with my Epiphone. Coincidentally, I’m giving away my old guitar on Saturday as part of The Acoustic Project – Like The Acoustic Project’s facebook page for the video I’ll upload after the lesson!

  • Write a long blog post

This doesn’t count.

  • Dangle a piece of yarn in front of my cat’s face

She’s always the nicest when I’m depressed, sick, or hurt. When I’m happy and want to play, she couldn’t care less. She’s a precious little ball of friendly fluff tonight and I’m barely paying attention to her.

  • Sort through all these invitations to join boards I’m suddenly receiving

Seriously. I’ve been on The Acoustic Project’s board for over a year now, but that’s different – it’s just a group of friends trying our best and not always doing well with it, and that’s ok with everyone. My impression is that real boards are serious business. And I need to ask lots of questions, do lots of research, and think about it before saying yes.

  • Take a walk through my neighborhood.

Because that would mean that I could walk. And I’d really love to walk.

Back to the task at hand. Excel, one of these days, my spirit will prevail against your ways.

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