Day by Day

This boot was made for walkin’

It will come as no shock to regular readers when I say I’m no expert in handling stress. In fact, when things get rough, even surrounded by love and support, I’ll close up shop and stop doing anything nine times out of ten. It generally works like this:


1 thing goes wrote = fix it like a boss.

2 things go wrong = complain to Ryan, then handle it.

3 things go wrong = cry to Ryan and ask him to help me.

4 + things go wrong = Code red. Rock some depression naps and hope everything is better when I wake up.


It’s been code red for the past two weeks. I don’t want to bore you all with the details, but let’s just say it’s a mixture of some substantial health/car/family/career problems and it’s more than I can handle comfortably.


But you know what’s been helpful? Ryan mentioned yesterday taking everything one day at a time. It’s a cliché, but it’s not generally how I live my life – most things on my calendar have a general framework of a plan, and I regularly work to meet longer-term goals every day instead of living in the moment. I just have to remember that for now:


I’m getting better. Thanks to the ankle wrap a colleague gave me, and my fabulous ortho-boot (see picture above), I can walk without pain.


Ryan’s letting me his car, so I can get to the office. And as with everything, it’s freely given without resentment or reservation.


My grandmother is getting better and I’m going to see her soon, even if it means changing my travel plans. Nothing like an illness to make you realize what’s really important. I can’t wait to see her.


As of right now, I still have a job that I love and feel fulfilled in. And whatever will come in the coming months will be easier to deal with when I have a loving husband/roommate to go through it with me.

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