Remember Me?

Here are some things that have happened since I posted last:


1.)  I moved all my things to a little house in west Nashville! As icing on that cake, Ryan, my fiancé, has all his things here too. Life is good, and not just because I get to spend more time with my best friend. Living in West Nashville also means I now live closer to a place I’m currently obsessed with, Hot Yoga Plus. Which is awesome, because…


2.)  I now suffer/benefit from a yoga addiction! I’ve gone around 15 times in just under 4 weeks. The studio is excellent; it offers both Bikram and Vinyasa classes, and lots of them. Also, my arms are finally, finally beginning to get toned. Funny how you can go to a gym and lift heavy weights with high reps for months and months and never see a difference, then go to yoga and just do gravity resistance for a month and see a very definite change in your body. I don’t understand it, but I like it.



3.)  Ryan and I bought a little blue upright piano from Craig’s List! I have to admit I haven’t touched it yet, but it’s sincerely because I want to have a special, private reacquaintance with it. Ryan’s heading up to Pittsburgh this weekend for his bachelor party, and I think that’ll be the perfect chance to get some QT with little blue.


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