Weekend Fun, Wedding Health Prep

After recording an Avett Brothers cover with me on Thursday, (and having a blast doing it) Ryan left for the weekend for his bachelor party, leaving me alone for the weekend with my piano, my cat, and my yoga mat.

I can’t say I had more fun than him, but I may have given him a run for his money.

I went to my fifth and sixth yoga classes of the week over the weekend. I think I’ve decided that for me, vinyasa classes are more beneficial for me, as opposed to Bikram. They give me more of a challenge, more variety, and more resistance training for my upper body. The only caveat is the teacher – I’ve found during my month there that there are teachers I click with and some that I just do not  but luckily their website lists the teachers for every class, so I’m able to stalk follow my favorites.

On Sunday, after having gone to bed early and drinking plenty of water, I went to class and, as usual, sweated a ton. But as I held triangle pose, looking up at my arm and the streams of sweat rolling down it, I noticed something funny: this sweat felt clean. I’ve never felt anything like it before.  It felt like I had stepped out of the shower before drying off – just like clean water. Normally sweat feels gritty, dirty, good, like you’re forcing all the toxins out of your body. This just felt like a natural reaction to exercising in a hot room, as effortless and refreshing as breathing. I guess that’s what not drinking alcohol, eating plenty of fruits and veggies, and drinking lots of water does for you. I guess the fact that I’m just now experiencing this for the first time at age 26 tells you how much discipline (or lack thereof) I normally have. We’re getting pretty close to the wedding though, and if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.

Speaking of health and the wedding, Ryan and I have agreed to adjust our eating habits during the month of November: whole foods only, with very little gluten. We’ve both done it before. Neither of us eat a lot of processed foods anyway, but we want to do everything within our power to be clear-headed and healthy for our marriage vows. We’ve been pretty good at balancing wedding and marriage prep so far, and this is no different: I think lots of people spend time thinking about how they’re going to look for their wedding (and I don’t blame them) but Ryan and I are also concerned with how we’ll be feeling. We want to enter our union with healthy hearts and heads, and that begins with eating food, not garbage.

What did you and your spouse do to be healthy for your wedding?

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