Happy November

At the risk of jinxing everything, I must say that 2012 has been very kind to me. Since June, I’ve enjoyed a beautiful engagement, employment, lots of family time, an upcoming wedding, and now a brand new opportunity…


I got into Teach for America! After spending all day with my stomach in knots and feverish from nerves, the email finally arrived:  Congratulations and welcome to the 2013 corps!

I’ve been assigned to teach elementary ELL (English Language Learners) here in Nashville, which was, amazingly, my ideal option, since I enjoyed teaching kids in China so much. I realize inner-city or rural kids in America are bound to be worlds different than only children raised in a Confucius-culture, I’m looking forward to seeing the difference.

Me with my Chinese babies, 2008

To celebrate, Ryan and I busted out our new vitamix!

Hey, good lookin’
Welcome to the family!

Yup – we got this baby for our shower back in July and were holding off on using it, but now that we’re committed to eating whole foods only for the month of November, we decided to start using its powers of blending now.

Our inaugural concoction was this: Cinnamon-Walnut-Strawberry Smoothie. Needless to say, it tasted like heaven. Here’s what we did:

–       Approx. 10 strawberries

–       ½ cup greek yogurt

–       I whole cinnamon stick

–       ¼ cup walnuts

–       approx. 10 ice cubes

Then we just blended until it was a smoothie!


I’m excited to begin seeing the health benefits of this blender-heavy whole foods diet, especially in yoga class, which, guys, I think I’m in love with.

Today’s class was taught by someone I’d never had before, and she had a whole new way of teaching flow classes. Instead of focusing on coming into our bodies and meditating, she turned the music up loud and staccato-shouted her instructions. I thought I was keeping up well, but halfway through class, I heard her shouting a little louder,

Her: “Hey, pink shirt, front row – get your hip down.”

Me: *moves hip down and tries to cry out of stress and exhaustion, but can’t because there’s no extra water to be found in body*

I can’t hate on her too much – not only did she personally come help me into a much better shoulder stand, but I realized that my body had been shocked into a different workout, and was better for it. And it couldn’t have come too soon; with Halloween the night before, I had much too much candy, pasta, and wine in my system just dying to be sweated out.


Time to go – Ryan and I are learning a new cover on guitar and uke – “I’ve got this friend” by the Civil Wars. Here are the pros:


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