On Saturday, my fun-loving husband-to-be and I ran a race bandit: something I’ve wanted to do since I learned what it meant.


If you don’t, no worries: it’s when someone runs a race that he or she has not registered for. The bandit will not wear a number or get s finishing time, but they will have run the race course and enjoyed the sights while running along with everyone else. In my imagination, they also wear hamburgler-style masks, but in reality, you have to be stealthier than that.

If you ask the internet if you should run a race bandit, the internet will give you a resounding NO. And most of the reasons are legitimate: you might get injured, you might take resources away from someone who has registered, the roads have been closed for registered runners only. And that’s all well and good – I wouldn’t dream of taking even a Dixie cup of water that I haven’t paid for, but with most races at $100 a pop, I don’t think there’s any harm in jumping into one every now and then.  Why must everything be so serious and expensive? Why can’t things just be a fun sometimes?

watch the experts perform.

We a sign on the next road over from the house advising that the roads would close this Saturday. I looked up the race and saw that it was a half marathon, which I am certainly not in shape enough to run, so we decided to run down to the start line and then run along with everyone up until we passed the house, at which point, we’d drop out to get showers and go about our day.

So that’s what we did.


In the end, it was about four miles for me (up some hills that I wasn’t prepared for) and Ryan decided to go on a little while with the rest of the runners to see where the course would take him. Leave it to Ryan to over-achieve.


I discovered that although my yoga body is getting stronger, better, and more balanced, my runner’s body is not as strong as it was. I don’t know how this happens, but I was winded by the second hill and needed to ask Ryan to stop and walk with me for a few seconds, which, of course, he gracefully did. I remarked that it was strange that two years after my first full marathon and seven months after my last half marathon, I was hobbling along within three miles. Ryan said it didn’t surprise him,that it was just like anything else – if you don’t use it, you lose it. How true that is.

I worry for yoga. I’ve come far in the last two months and my membership at Hot Yoga Plus ends in a few days. I can come once a week to their donation-based classes after this, but I’m used to going 4-6 times per week. Nashville friends – please let me know if you know of any groupons/complementary/donation classes that can tide me over, please let me know! Otherwise, it might do me good to rediscover running. After all, I no longer have a running injury (thank you, hot yoga!).

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