Review: Shakti Power Yoga, Nashville

Shakti Power Yoga is a brand-new studio on Music Row in Nashville located inside a beautiful historic home. Its instructors are familiar faces within the Nashville Hot Yoga community, giving their classes perfect professionalism and comfort.


I went to the free class on opening day: Friday, November 16. There were so many of us there (free yoga!) that we had to pull our mats to touching and even overlapping to squeeze everyone in, but amazingly it didn’t seem to matter. Since no one was paying for it, everyone was new, and there was a DJ there, (more on this in a minute) the energy in the room made the class feel more like a party.

I’d seen advertisements for yoga classes with DJs before, but since they’re usually between $25-45, there was no way I’d ever consider attending one. I didn’t understand the point of paying more than twice the amount of a drop-in rate in order to listen to better music during class. I will admit, however, that I’ve been holding Dancer pose during an agonizingly slow ballad, or lying in final savasana to a bumping beat, thinking, is anyone else paying attention to this music? Why doesn’t he/she change this song?

More than just not having any of those moments, the DJ energized the already-happy room with the perfect tunes for every part of the practice. It was great to be able to hold difficult poses with strong beats to syncopate my breath along with, to make eye contact with him as I was in a comfortable Birds of Paradise pose as he analyzed the room, and to move through the floor postures in a relaxed tone that had been brought especially for us, by us.


High energy

Happy clientele

Professional teachers

Comfortable room

Convenient Location


As expensive as any other studio in the city, although there are some promotions going on right now.

I should ask Ryan to do a guest post on the return on investment in yoga – I know it bothers him especially that yoga is so very expensive. We’re both spoiled that we can run. It’s not exactly free, especially the way we like to do it (sign up for a distance race, sometimes out of town, and train for several months) but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a yoga membership, which sometimes requires pledging one’s firstborn.

It’s easy to make the case that it’s an investment in both physical body and soul, but it is a big decision to spend over $100 per month on anything, especially if there are many other available outlets like traditional gyms, running, and churches. I have no idea what it means to run a yoga studio and figure out pricing, so I don’t necessarily blame the business owners for setting the prices (it seems it’s necessary, with so many rates so very high) but I’d really like to sit down with an owner and ask questions like this and more to peek behind the curtain and really understand why this is.

group party pic!

Back to the review at hand – Shakti Power Yoga is a beautiful studio and I highly recommend it to anyone with the resources to invest. Namaste, y’all.

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