Life Updates

Howdy, strangers!

Since my last post in November, lots of life events have unfolded:

My dad and I walked the Thoroughbred Classic on Thanksgiving day – his first 5k!


It was a beautiful, perfect autumn morning to be walking 3.14 miles at Keeneland, one of Kentucky’s horse tracks. My dad’s knees sometimes cause him pain, and even the soft, rolling hills required effort. But we stayed together and finished at a pace of 20 minutes per mile.


I took my (new) family to their first Bikram Yoga class


The morning of our rehearsal, I’d arranged for the family and wedding party to go to Bikram Yoga. Originally, there were to be thirteen of us, but as the date got closer, it turned out that seven were able to make it – Ryan, my mother and father-in-law, my two sisters-in-law, and my bridesmaid and best friend growing up, Claire.

The staff at the studio was as nice as could be – they had laid out mats and towels for us, with cards with little mantras at the top. They even announced to the class that we were a wedding party, and said a little water break “toast” to us!

Despite the wonderful hospitality we were shown, I worried the whole time. At this point, it had become a habit. We weren’t early enough. It was hot. They weren’t used to this. The teacher was excellent but tough. I held back after that, trying to make them comfortable and get comfortable myself. To top it off, we had to leave before class was over for everyone to check out of the hotel and into the bed and breakfast where we were all staying. But I stopped worrying as soon as we were out of the classroom and I was able to give my sisters-in-law sweaty hugs.

Ryan and I tied the knot


I don’t even know where to begin. I loved that day. It’s so seldom that we get to experience something like this in our culture: everyone spending days off from work together, drinking in the love and friendship, celebrating love. People you love dearly meeting and getting to know each other. After months of planning and weeks of intense stress, there was nothing but happiness that day. And it’s been very happy 14 days.


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