Christmas Eve

It’s been a restful but exciting day full of quality family-in-law time, a little yoga, and an overabundance of chocolate.

My sister-in-law, Lindsay, and I rushed to yoga this morning after beginning the initial steps of the family Christmas Eve Tradition, homemade cinnamon rolls.

wish I could have captured the scent of these
wish I could have captured the scent of these

Obviously, we were going to need a “pre-tox.”

The studio was packed with people wanting to do some precautionary holiday sweating, so Linds and I squeezed in the front row. The instructor was a happy woman in her thirties with jingle bell earrings and a positive outlook on practice (I love it when instructors tell me to smile!).  It was an intermediate-level class with a wide variety of levels within the class, and everyone laughed and talked the entire time –I walked out of the studio feeling like I’d just left a holiday party.

It’s continued all day. Time now to take a break from the fitness focus and spend some QT with family and those cinnamon rolls. Merry Christmas Eve!

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