2013! What?

The realization that 2013 is here hasn’t hit me yet for several reasons, but I think one of the main ones is that so many changes have taken place already: I got engaged. I got married. I moved twice, I fell in love with yoga, I lost one job and got another. My husband is 30 today and I’m still in a prolonged holiday in Pittsburgh with my in-laws. The excitement and promise that normally comes along with a new year have been taken by that classic burglar of sincere appreciation: excess.

Not that I don’t sincerely appreciate all of the blessings in my life thus far. It’s just too much to take in all the changes and then look forward to a new year. So while I’d love to announce my 2013 goals and ambitions to the whole internet, I’ll just share some of the blessings that are making anticipating any more impossible:

I started abodyandabrain.com in March. Hellooooooo, strangers!

Which is actually pretty big. I’ve always loved writing but get very self-conscious about sharing what I’ve written. There are volumes and volumes of journals from age 6 to today in my life, including the one I keep in my purse right now, but journals are funny things: even the finished ones are things you’d never want a living soul to read, and yet they’re too precious to throw away. Thus, nearly everything I write is kept far away from everyone I know. This little blog is helpful for many reasons, but not the least important is gaining confidence in writing in public.

The nonprofit that I worked for relocated and had a major staff changeover in April.

And the good news is that we’re in good company. Since 2008, the heartbreaky ballads that executive directors of organizing-based nonprofits sing each other have grown increasingly similar. Our initial descent began in the spring, when my friend/coworker and I moved an entire office suite into one room in Nashville and learned how to do the work of triple the staff. Though it’s now out of money, the mission is still one I feel strongly about and need to keep going with the work.

Ryan knelt in a puddle and gave me a ring in June.

My great-great aunt’s ring, specifically: a beautiful antique that fit me like a glove and didn’t cost a cent. And then we acted like we’d just told each other that we liked the other for the first time, giggling all night.

I was trained to organize communities in September.

The week I spent at the Catholic retreat center in New Orleans changed my life in several ways: the education that I received was phenomenal, and the people who sat in the room with me blew me away with their knowledge, experience, and spirit of generosity and equality. I still feel emboldened when I think about that week.

My love affair with yoga began in October.

Can you believe that? October! And I can’t go a week without taking a class now, and not a day passes when I don’t try some breathing exercises to calm myself down, wake myself up, or just make myself aware of the present moment.

Teach for America extended an invitation to teach in Nashville in the fall.

This is one of those that I just thought was too much. Without the perks of TFA, I still, at the age of 26 and with a BA, wouldn’t have been comfortable making the transition into education. With the support, I’m able to enter a new career with the knowledge that I’ve obtained in the four years since graduation from Bethany through certainly not within.

I married the perfect man in November.

It was a beautiful day, but it’s really nothing compared to the extended happiness we’ve been enjoying since then. Who would have thought that such a secure and strong form of love existed? It’s hard to explain from the inside, but suffice it to say that it’s the best decision I’ve made and the best hand life has dealt me at the same time.

I wasn’t quite ready for any of these things in 2012, but changes come and all you can do is embrace them. I suppose that will do for a resolution.

1 thought on “2013! What?

  1. Your writing is lovely, Megan. I’m so lucky to have a wife as smart, talented, sincere, and motivated as you.

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