Honeymoon Week

We’re having a nice time so far in the Smoky Mountains.



Yesterday was quite an active day for us; Ryan had to work in the morning, so I went to the tiny gym in our hotel, ran three miles on the treadmill and lifted a bit. I’ve never had a “whole” gym to myself before – it was sort of nice to have some privacy!

Then Ryan and I went hiking on one of the trails after reading extensively on bear survival tips – I didn’t know this before, but over 1,500 black bears live in the national park here. A couple of guys working in the record shop that we visited compared them to “big ‘ole raccoons” and regaled us with stories of how the bears would wander into town, swipe some food in open dumpsters, climb on top of cars, etc. The ones close to the edge of the forest have all but lost their fear of humans and would even “panhandle” for snacks. Terrifying! But we hiked into the woods alone, and got about two miles in before Ryan heard a little rumble that was probably a baby bear. Needless to say, we turned back. The last thing I’d want for my honeymoon is a mama bear attack. 

After the baby bear incident, we rented some mountain bikes and rode along a little bike trail at the base of the mountain, then all through town. Snowboarding was planned for afterwards, but we decided to save it for today and winded the day down with some time in the hot tub. 

I’ll post more pictures soon, since everything here is too beautiful not to share. Have a great Tuesday!

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