Pictures and Stories from the Smokies

We’re still here in the Smokies, where the mountains are looking more and more beautiful everyday:

ImageI discovered that Ryan is really good at snowbording


ImageAnd that I am not.



Oh, well.

justthetwo of us

The best way to wake up on your two-month anniversary is with a rose on the pillow

Imagefollowed by an exclusive viewing of Lincoln in Knoxville

Imagefollowed by a surprise dinner/team trivia night/Humming House show!



Time for a quick story: Ry and I saw these guys in Nashville last week (where they rocked our socks, of course) and thought it was funny that here we were to see them again. We named our two-man (rather, one man, one woman) trivia team “Humming House Super Fans” for our own chuckles. We did really well with the first two rounds and got every question correct!

When the host announced the scores at the halfway point, he announced that Humming House (the band) had gotten 65 points thus far, and Humming House super fans had gotten 70.

Alas, it our winning streak would not last. We still did well, but I think they beat us in the end.

Good thing they’re so darn good at strings and sings, and, as we discovered, are genuinely nice people. Check them out if you haven’t already:

Ry and I are learning this one now – of course he came home after their last show, picked up his guitar and played the intro right away. I’m still working on it, and he’s moved on to the mandolin solo.

If you want more (and you know you do) listen to this one next:

Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Pictures and Stories from the Smokies

  1. Thanks for the memories. I had forgotten how romantic I used to be. 🙂

  2. Thanks for writing about the Knox Trivia Guys and Humming House! I just shared this post on our FB page. Check it out and come to back to play with us anytime, team Humming House Super Fans!

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