We’re about to enter into our fourth week of school at Nashville Classical. Although it’s incredibly rewarding and I’m already in love with my little scholars, I don’t mind admitting that my life is out of balance and needs a good reassessment. Thankfully, I went camping with my family yesterday and taught my usual 8 AM yoga class this morning, so I feel back in touch with myself and ready to do just that.

it's been a good weekend to reassess.
it’s been a good weekend for reflection

Because being a new teacher at a new school is hard, (or just because, if you don’t care for excuses) I’ve had a serious lack of sweat for three weeks. Unbelievably, the girl who used to run ten miles for fun and go to hot yoga classes every single day has been replaced some weird, plump new girl with bad skin who wakes up, works, eats dinner and goes to sleep.

I’m all about being a servant leader – that’s the foundation I teach on. It’s never about me when I’m teaching, it’s about my students, whether they be five or fifty years old. But I can’t forget about serving myself. I need my own attention, too.

Baron Baptiste says that waking up in an unhealthy body can sometimes feel like waking up in a house on fire – the moment you realize how much work you have to do, it can feel overwhelming and hopeless. I have enough of a relationship with my body to know that I’m not beyond repair, but I can feel that something’s got to give. Now.

Inspired by Tiare’s beautifully written post, here’s what I need, want to create, and can do to be happy:

What I need:

Time with my family, especially Ryan

Physical fitness

Healthy food and lots of water

What I want to create:


Strong and healthy relationships with those closest to me physically and spiritually

A record of my own thoughts and a way to share them with others who could connect with them

What can I do to make a difference?

I can stop trying to fix myself and start to be myself

I can set a weekly workout goal

I can place care of self as a higher priority in my life

Recently I realized that I have a type-A personality (who knew?!) so it’s probably good that there’s a plan in place for personal balance. Now it’s back to the yoga studio for me – time to practice.

How do you find your balance again after you’ve lost it?

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