I set up shop here in my little corner of the internet in March 2012. I had been thinking about doing it for a couple of years, ever since I discovered the empowerment of healthy living, because I wanted join the community that had lifted me up when I needed it. Personal stories of success and failure had encouraged me to keep going when it seemed like it was just too late for me. Real people brave enough to let anyone with an internet connection witness their vulnerability made me question what I was afraid of and why. 

2014 is here. I am both far away from and very close to the person I was just a few years ago, when working out was a foreign concept and the thought of recreational running filled me with shame-colored memories of high school gym classes. Since my discovery of what it means to be healthy back in 2010, I have run 18 races, including a full marathon. I have fallen in love with the way yoga makes my body and mind powerful, earned a 200 hour yoga teacher certification, and teach weekly at one of the best studios in Nashville. Most importantly, I have learned lessons that don’t come with a medal or a certificate: patience with my body, honesty in relationships, and integrity in daily life. 

Yet, as I reflect on how blessed I am to have the gift of health, I feel a twinge of guilt. 

This morning one of my favorite coworkers/friends came to my yoga class. She and I are in the same unique position of being both kindergarten teachers and fitness instructors. Afterwards, we caught up on each other’s lives over coffee and I told her everything I’ve been feeling about my wellness: that it’s not enough to teach once a week at a studio, that I need to commit to bringing wellness to people who have need but not necessarily the resources needed for a studio membership or race registration. Her reaction was a resounding “yeah!”

Her “yeah!” is ringing in my ears as an joyful affirmation of what I need to do this year. What better resolution could I ask for then to bring the best of myself to others?

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