Small thoughts

Sometimes things come out of my mouth in yoga classes that even I am surprised to hear myself say: yesterday, it was “Begin to think of this day not as a random Sunday in January, but as a day that is important – a day in the relatively short amount of time you are alive that the world can grow by your love.”

On MLK day, it’s especially important to remember that King was not a king at all but a man – that is to say, he was born without any special powers. On the contrary, he came into the fight for justice with many cultural disadvantages. If he was able to make such an enormous impact on the world, shouldn’t we feel empowered to make our small differences? Might those small differences lead to something beyond our understanding? The fight for justice is not over – there is ample opportunity for all of us to contribute our love, understanding, and commitment to peace. We don’t have to wait for anything or any day, we just have to do it. Today is important – we are ready now. 

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