Groundhog’s Day Grounding (Day 7)


The class that I taught this morning was a little…off. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but I had an inkling it may have been the slow, drizzly rain. It made me want to fall down into the earth too, and stay there nice and snug for a long time. In class, we did a variation of my foundations and flight class – lots of crescent lunges into warrior threes, warrior twos into half moons, etc. But it didn’t really feel right.

I practiced again at noon with another teacher, who talked about stillness. She openly said that she was feeling like moving a little slower today, so we would move slower with her. It clicked for me: I wasn’t teaching from intuition this morning. I was talking through choreography.

Today is the kind of day you might feel most present snuggling up with a book and a loved one, not so much a day you want to bound off one foot and lift your body as high as you’re allowed. Today is the day that I needed to ground down and feel the connection to gravity. Realizing this, I can’t regret taking my students through a different kind of class, but I can try again next week.

A very poignant message In front of the studio this morning

I feel the same way with my 40 Days journey right now. It’s day 7: I’ve already had caffeine three times this week (hey, it’s harder than it sounded) but I have been eating whole, building-foods and no alcohol. Some days and mornings I’ve meditated, and some I have not. It has not been a perfect week, but at this moment I’m feeling peaceful and still, and that’s all I can really do.

Also wanted to share the video above – this is my life! But the message at the end is also very accurate. A snow day would be great, but my students need me to show up, and I love showing up for them.

Have a lovely grounding Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Groundhog’s Day Grounding (Day 7)

  1. I love the Groundhog’s Day video! The love of the students is what keeps us going, isn’t it?

    1. Yes! Can’t help loving those little munchkins!

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