one of my favorite poses to find my center: Dancing Sheba

For our 40 Days program, week three’s theme is equanimity. In short, it is the process of centering yourself amid life’s inevitable ups and downs, or, as my teacher described it, “meeting life as it comes at you.” When we practice equanimity, we can meet life’s curveballs with a calm and rational mind, free of stories and lies we have created, in order to make better decisions and better serve others. 

I’m thinking of equanimity as I get ready to go see a friend in the hospital; she had a stroke last week, and I found out about it on Saturday night. She is a friend of the organization I used to work for, Tennesseans for Fair Taxation, and for about a year and a half, I sat at her dining room table to strategize with her about once a week. She not only was a fantastic thought parter in development, she is also a good personal friend who celebrated with me as Ryan and I got engaged and married. Today, she is paralyzed on her right side and cannot communicate. 

I’m thinking of equanimity as I think about my mom, who realized that coming home from work today would be the toughest moment since she lost her dog yesterday.  

I’m thinking of equanimity as I slog through February with classic seasonal depression, shivering all day as I teach the kids but getting no snow at all, despite my obsessive weather-checking habit. 

Equanimity. Centering oneself amid the highs and lows. Keeping a presence of mind and alertness no matter what life hurls your direction. My meditation practice has been spotty, but I feel it calling my name tonight – I’m ready to start meeting life as it comes.

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