Balance and Growth (Day 17)

I’m now three and a half weeks into the 40 days program and this week has gone a lot better. Though I’m falling short of almost every goal (womp womp) I’ve decided that goals are overrated anyway and I’m just going to enjoy feeling better. 

With a minimum of 50 hours expected at my job per week (the absolute least amount of time I’m allowed to spend in the school building is ten hours per day, five days a week, and as you would imagine, there is much more work to do outside of that) and grad school on top of that, I’ve been a little annoyed at the requirements Teach for America keeps pushing on top of it all. I told a coworker recently that I felt like a WASPy college kid getting annoyed with their tuition-paying parents (“Get off my back! Can’t you see I have a life?”). I really need to keep remembering that the only reason I’m able to spend my days with the most beautiful, intelligent, curious, and trusting little souls is Teach for America. Gratitude is exhausting but worth it. 

Tonight was another mandatory content course that all corps members attend as a part of ongoing (ongoing, ongoing, ongoing) training. This one was very different – it is a new course called “Someone has to Fail” and it’s a more in-depth look at education through policy and history. I was so excited when I saw it was being offered, not only because it’s something that captures my interest, but also because I believe looking at problems (like classroom problems) in a macro lens really leads to some useful internal questions that better our teaching practice. We discussed eugenics, tracking, and a brief history of the school system in America. 


I say all of this because when I remembered that I had to attend tonight, I was initially angry that I wouldn’t be able to go to my yoga class. After going through the course, having a great conversation and learning new things, I have to agree with the ever-wise Baron Baptiste: “It’s all yoga.” Learning, growing, and accepting what is not in our comfort zone is the spirit of yoga, and tonight my practice has served me well. 

Speaking of accepting what is (no longer) in my comfort zone, I’ll be running a 5k this Saturday with my college friend, KJ! I haven’t run in months – I’ll bet it’s going to be a lot of fun! And if it isn’t, hey, I’ll keep breathing.

Also, come to this. 🙂


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