“So I saw that another 5k got crushed by the Meganator today.” -My Dad (Day 20)

Only around 9 last night, as I was snuggled with my sweet husband on the couch after a delightful Valentine’s evening of too much food and even a little wine, did it hit me: I signed up for a 5k. At 7 AM. In February. Damnit.

But 5 AM came, and by some running miracle of the highest degree, I was able to get out of bed and put on my running shoes, and venture out with KJ in 20 degree weather. The Hot Chocolate 5k/15k (5k for me, obvs) gets a bad rep from some horror show they threw a few years ago in DC, but KariJo and I ran it this morning and I have to say that it was no less than the bomb.


I forgot how great race energy is – laying out clothes, following people with tutus and colorful socks, cheesy yet hilarious announcers, the corrals, the countdown. More than once, I turned to KariJo, pleasantly surprised: “This is fun!”

KJ and I ran at a nice leisurely pace that we were able to chat in. We finished in 38:07 and indulged in the chocolate-heavy after-party: instead of annoying medals, (side note: Ryan asked me recently if he could throw his away and I wouldn’t let him. Why not? I don’t know – it just seemed wrong) we got a very cleverly-engineered plastic “mug” with a holder in the center for a cup of hot coco, with a fondue mini-cup and plenty of dunking foods on the sides. In what should be a surprise to no one, chocolate was promptly all over my face and new fancy running hoodie we got in our goodie bags. This is what friends are for – telling you early so no one else sees you (and maaaybe helping you out with a napkin – thanks, KJ!)

alas, not my photo, not my mug. But this is what it looked like.

My yoga practice has been sort of pressurized lately, so the race was a nice reminder that sometimes fitness doesn’t need to be so serious and tied to things like personal integrity, spirituality, and the perfect diet: sometimes it’s ok to just let things be fun.

After the race, I went to Shakti for their noon class and did just that. Yep, I feel out of handstand. Nope, I don’t care. I’m here for the fun, thanks.

Tomorrow begins the 3-day fruit feast for our 40 days. I have a unit plan due and lots of grad school work. I thought today would be full of stress as I try to plan for the next few days and get all my work/homework done. Actually, I’ve just been kicking it, casually working and casually not. I think what most of my yoga students don’t realize about me is that I’m normally a type-A-ish control freak who is just trying to keep herself in check and mostly feels at home in the yoga studio. But today I’ve just been feeling at home. Today is a sweet surprise.

3 thoughts on ““So I saw that another 5k got crushed by the Meganator today.” -My Dad (Day 20)

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I would love for you to follow my running challenge run100run.wordpress.com

  2. Alright for a ‘sweet’ 5K run. (Yeah, I am sure that sounded cheesy and that saying was done a bazillion times for the run 🙂 )

    The nearest Hot Chocolate Run in my area is in Seattle … about 3 hours away.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m sure if you went to Seattle for a little weekend excursion anyway, the race would be icing on the cake (pun intended). Let me know how it goes if you end up doing it!

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