Cleansin’ (Day 22)

Today is day two is my fruit cleanse. Ryan asked last night to sum up my feelings about it in one word, and I said, “interested.” Now it is “interested and hungry.” I think I won the fight with a grapefruit this morning and have very sticky hands as a result, I am drinking hot lemon water at the moment, and I am hoping that I can stay with it even among the goodies parents brought in Friday for Valentine’s Day at work.

Last night we had our fruit potluck with our 40 days group and it was awesome.



I made cinnamon butternut squash cubes. All there is to do for this is cut up a butternut squash, arrange it on a cookie sheet, sprinkled with a little salt and cinnamon, and enjoy the warm, cinnamon delight. 

A 40-days friend of mine, who’d had a hard week, wrote and shared a beautiful piece she called “The Intimacy of Loss.” Here I asked her if I could share a bit of it on here and she graciously agreed. I hope it hits your heart in the same way it hit mine. 

“So, feel. Just feel. Feel angry. Feel sad. Feel happy. Feel peaceful. Feel scared- but above all, be aware. Just watch how it all comes and how one day too this will be another memory. And even if our hearts are shedding some skin, if we just relax into this experience, they will glow brighter and with the ability to love in a way we hadn’t believed we could. 

So, it’s our responsibility to resist the urge to run. Instead, we all just need to stay soft. Just soften a bit. And when we forget to soften- just come back and soften. And when our minds get too loud. Soften. And when our chests get tight- soften. And when we don’t know how this is all going to settle- soften. And when we realize the power in all of this- soften.” – Jessica DiNisco

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