Top Ten Reasons to be at the Karma Class this Sunday at Hot Yoga Plus

If you’ll be in Nashville this Sunday, February 23 at 2 p.m., you should really come to Hot Yoga Plus (Nashville Studio) for a Karma Class Benefiting Nashville Classical Charter School. Here’s why:


And here are more reasons why:

10.) You really don’t have an excuse not to. It’s not on a Saturday night during your ruckus. It’s not on Sunday morning during your recovery from your ruckus. Your bible study will be over. All that really awaits you from 2 – 3 p.m. are work and dishes, so you should definitely spend that time on your mat.


9.) It’s a Karma Class, which means you pay whatever you can! Got a nickel? I’ll take it. 


8.) Community, community, community. Teachers, TFA staff members, 7-days-a-week yogis, parents (students and my own!) will all be there, sweating together. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be in a yoga class where there are TRULY all levels there, this is the time.


7.) Groundhog’s, Valentine’s, and President’s day are all over, but February still isn’t. (Truly, it is a month that will not end.) We only have a week left, but really, we need all the special events that we can get this month.


6.) In case you haven’t heard, yoga’s health benefits are out of this world. Better sleep, better focus, flexibility, balance, reduction of anxiety, improved posture, the list goes on and on. Why wouldn’t you at least try it?


5.) You know you’ve always wanted to meet my parents. 


4.) I’m still working on the mix, so there’s still time for playlist requests if you’d like to throw something out there. Power ballads, indie rock, local music, and top 100s are always staples if you can’t think of anything right now. 


3.) It’ll give you an excuse to play and laugh at yourself. Commit to falling on your “bottom”, as we call in it kindergarten. Dancer, chair, tree, big toe hold…so many opportunities to fall, laugh, and get back up.


2.) The magic-handed man himself, Travis McClusky, will be assisting! Assists help with alignment, deepening, lengthening, and they just feel so darn good. If you’re a regular yogi, you know that a good assist is a gift and you’re not going to want to miss this.


1.) All those nickels you’ll put in the basket before you head in will be donated to Nashville Classical Charter School, a place where children of all backgrounds come to learn to read, feel safe, laugh, make friends, and grow. The scholars there are the most loving, trusting, beautiful human beings and deserve every opportunity and advantage we can give them. Showing up ready to sweat and have fun will give you a chance to play a part of their future.


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