People Rock (Day 28)

just some yoga

Today I am incredibly aware of how many good people are in my life and how grateful I am to have them there. My parents came down for a weekend visit, lots of old and new friends came to support the karma class, and I’ve had great interactions with strangers brand-new friends down at Shakti with our 40-days group. 

Saturday, Ryan and I met my parents for breakfast, and then hung out all day around town…music shops, coffee shops, a walk around Vanderbilt’s campus, and dinner downtown. I did take a substantial break in the middle of the day to carefully plot out my playlist for my donation class the next day.

family time

This morning, I woke up, taught my usual 8 a.m. power flow class at Hot Yoga Plus, cleaned the studio, then came back to look over my notes. I made a smoothie for Ryan and my parents and then it was time to go back to the studio for the donation class.

Let me just preface this by saying that I’ve been doing something I don’t particularly enjoy: self-promoting. This was slightly easier because it’s a fundraiser for our school, but I’m still not the biggest fan of myself, so as much as it seems I enjoy updating my facebook status with the event page, inviting long-lost acquaintances, and pestering friends and family, something about it makes me softly wince each time. I believe in everything that I do – meaning teaching yoga and teaching the kids – so it seems to make sense that I’d fundraise this way and feel good doing it. But promoting it made me a nervous nelly. 

And nelly I was, right up until I walked into the room, when, immediately, I felt better. My parents were there. My husband was there. My friends were there. These were people that I knew believed in me and what I do just as much, if not more, than I do myself. There just wasn’t a reason to be nervous. Things went wrong – my music didn’t end up working and I think I may have forgotten a flow on one side – but mostly was just blissful. 

We made $148 for the school and had a wonderful time doing it. I was so proud of my friends and family, many of whom had never tried hot yoga before and were not particularly keen on trying it, who gave it their usual 100%. I am so very lucky to be around such solid, positive, supportive people. 

After the donation class, I went to Shakti, this time to practice myself. We ended up working on handstand (which I had all but come to terms with; we just don’t get each other, handstand and I) and I made a new friend who assisted and coached me up into one of my very first free-standing handstands. What do you know.  

When that class ended, I went downstairs for our 40-days meeting. There are such wonderful people there as well, all of whom have the most attractive feature one can find in a person: honesty. The stories and experiences shared tonight were among the most genuine, humorous, and triumphant stories I’ve heard even from close friends. Light attracts light – although I hardly know their names, I know that we are the same because we are all actively trying to live authentically.

If you’re reading this, you are part of the circle I feel so grateful for. Thanks for being with me here.

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