Happy Birthday


Today is the second birthday of my little blog. Though it doesn’t seem like much, it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to convince myself that I had thoughts worth sharing under my own name on the internet. Two years later, I’m proud of my decision to begin.

Speaking of birthdays, I’m fresh off the plane from Pittsburgh, where I went with my husband to celebrate his grandfather’s 90th. He came to his party from the hospital, where he was being treated for pneumonia, but still managed to come, socialize, even sing one of his old favorites for all of his guests.


The icing on top of the already-delicious cake was that Ryan’s mother and her sisters managed to do some digging into one of his long-standing regrets: that he’s never received his diploma from The University of Pittsburgh because of one exam. They were secretly in cahoots with the registrar’s office to uncover what credits he earned and whether or not he was entitled to the diploma after all. The day before the party, the letter came: he had earned credits necessary for graduation, would be receiving his diploma in the mail, and was warmly welcomed to walk in Pitt’s commencement ceremony this April.

his reaction to hearing he was a graduate

In the few years I’ve known him, every conversation we’ve had has included questions on my education; he even remembered that I was currently in grad school and asked me about it this time. He also tells friends and strangers about the academic honors his grandchildren have received with pride. Seeing his joy at knowing he earned a degree after all (and had a family who was dedicated enough to see to it that he knew this) was awe-inspiring.

Even after the busy weekend, I’m feeling very rested and ready for the week ahead at work, school, and triathlon training. And I’m happy to know that I now have a toddler-aged blog to capture it all in.

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