Kegs and Eggs 10k

6 miles + green beer + good friends = wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day.


I do math good.

Today after I taught my usual 8 AM power flow at Hot Yoga Plus and went to church, Ryan and I met some friends down at the Gultch in Nashville for the Kegs and Eggs 10k.

The weather made for, as Ryan described it, an “authentic Irish experience.” Yesterday it was in the 60s, today it was in the dismal and drizzly mid forties. It was pretty miserable, but I was infected with race energy and didn’t mind so much. We started pretty soon after we got there and my friends broke away from me about a mile in, which I didn’t mind at all – I had made a nineties R&B playlist that I wanted to rock out to anyway.

The course was a 5k loop that took us through to gulch to downtown and back. There was one hill I didn’t care for, but besides that, it was mostly flat and fun course to run.

We’re still waiting on the race results, but Ryan thinks he finished in about 43 minutes and I finished in about an hour. For not having seriously run in a long time, I was happy that I was able to just have fun on the course and not worry about being tired or achey. Thanks, yoga!

After the race, we had a post-race beer and then went to have an appetizer dinner in the Irish pub across the street from the very crowded Bar Louie. The cold was starting to really get to me, but I got the warmth I needed from quality time with my amazing friends…and their amazing sweatshirts.

Yes – it says “appalachian mom.”

1 thought on “Kegs and Eggs 10k

  1. Great idea to run on St Patrick’s Day. Putting in a few miles burns a few calories before you hit the pubs and drink all those calories again.

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