Two weeks in review

1. A Midsummer Night’s Run was a success! I ran it with my brother Brian, who is currently in the midst of a pretty amazing life change. This time last year, he was inactive, under-employed, and dealing with his epilepsy through a habit of chewing tobacco and smoking. In one year, he’s quit tobacco in all forms, found gainful employment, keeps active with daily walks, runs, and bike rides, and lights up when talking about his current project – building his own tiny house. Brian has promised to write about his year of change so you can all read about it on this blog, but until then, these brother-brags of mine will have to do.

Before we got all sweaty
Before we got all sweaty

2. Ryan and I went on a family vacation in the mountains and had a rave run in the woods with his brother and sister. We also had a family yoga class (led by yours truly) and a HIT session (led by my lovely sis-in-law – another inspiration person whose written journey is coming soon) which included choose-your-own-plank-adventure.

Oh, What is choose-your-own-plank-adventure? 🙂


4 minutes

20 seconds of plank (any plank – high plank, forearm plank, side plank, plank-on-your-knees – CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!)

10 seconds down on belly/child’s pose

4 minutes

20 seconds of back extensions (superman, locust, floor bow…)

10 seconds down on belly/child’s pose

I loved this one so much that I brought it to my yoga class last week. I don’t think I could have gotten baby Finn out of my body without daily planks – I’m a believer!

After CYOPA, before rave run
After CYOPA, before rave run

3. Ryan and I are still in training for our upcoming half marathon, but last week, I had a bad, bad, really bad run. I was supposed to run 8 miles, and came hobbling home after 4. Had a little cry and wallowed in my self-pity for a little while, then got back on the horse the next day and knocked out 6 miles faster than I’d ever run postpartum. Bodies are pretty amazing things.

4. Not fitness related, but Ryan and I are performing in a musical revue this coming Friday and Saturday! Performing used to be a bigger part of my life (I majored in Theatre and minored in Music in college) but it’s been so long. It’s so great to get a chance to dust it all off and get back there, especially with my awesome cathedral friends! Finn has been coming to rehearsal to watch with fascination or nap in a new friend’s arms; Ryan and I are very impressed with our little boy. Aren’t babies supposed to cry more? Finn seems perfectly happy wherever he is, at least 85% of the time, anyway.

I’m still looking forward to bringing more stories of change on this blog. A couple of people have emailed me about wanting to write about their experience, and I’ve asked a couple more to do it. If you’ve got a story you want to share about your commitment towards finding your own greatness, write it up and email me – let’s get it out there!

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