“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Nearly a year after the initial plans were made, I’m finally ready to make an exciting yoga announcement:


Starting on October 18, I’ll be leading a new workshop at Hot Yoga Plus – 40 Days to Personal Revolution! It’s a lifestyle program that encourages a deeper commitment to wellness day by day. We’ll meet once a week at the studio for a meeting, during which we’ll discuss the week’s readings, diet challenges, and yoga and meditation practices, then afterwards, participants have the option to attend a Power or Fusion yoga class.

I was introduced to this program at Shakti Power Yoga in the late winter of 2014, then repeated with the same studio this past year as well. This is what makes me feel best about bringing it to my friends and students at HYP – I believe in it. Through 40 Days, I was able to more clearly see my emotional patterns, foods, and attitude towards my practice was affecting my life. I became able to identify who and what I resented and offer compassion instead. During and after the program, my life was positively affected in some very practical ways.

Here’s the best part: both times I participated in the program, I was much too busy. The first time, I was balancing a challenging charter school job with grad school and teaching yoga. The second time, I was newly pregnant, still teaching both kindergarten and yoga. I can personally attest that rather than being just another commitment, 40 Days is a way to manage stress, prioritize, and help you to enjoy small moments in your jam-packed life and see it as pleasantly bustling.

Early in the book, Baron Baptiste quotes the American psychiatrist Carl Rogers: “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” There’s the reason I am looking forward to moving through this program again with a new community: it’s so sweet to see yourself as you are, accept it, then have the option to create some new beginnings.

Get in touch if you want to sign up – email me or call Hot Yoga Plus and join us!

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