Zooma Registration Giveaway + Favorite Ways to Sweat in Nashville

Have you heard of ZOOMA?


Formally the Women’s Half Marathon, it’s a women’s race series with two distances offered in Nashville – a 5k and a Half Marathon (13.1 miles). My mom and I ran it back when it was the Women’s Half Marathon. I’d just moved here, and it was a great way to see the city and spend time with my mom.


The kind people at Zooma have offered us a registration, friends! Normally the fee for this race is $60-110, but you can run it for FREE! Just answer the question at the bottom of this post in the comments below or on Facebook. I’ll announce the winner just one week from today so you can have plenty of time to train for the race on November 8!

Speaking of training, I’ve put together a far-from-comprehensive list of my favorite ways to sweat in Nashville. Here we go!

1.) Shelby Bottoms Greenway

Hiking and Trails1 photobyJamesFullerton

If you love running, (or even just “like-like” it) this park will fan the flames. The paved, tree-lined trail is about five miles long, with five more miles of more rugged trails shooting off of it. For a long run, you really can’t do better in Nashville than running up and down the trail.Though it’s located in the city, running with only the sound of birds chirping and trees rustling gives the distinct impression of being “away from it all.”

2.) Metro Parks Recreation Centers

Mayor Karl Dean, Parks Director Tommy Lunch and other officials cut the ribbon on the new Sportsplex fitness center Nashville, Tenn.

For anyone on a budget, the Metro Parks-affiliated gyms are the way to go. Even the Y doesn’t have rates this reasonable. Depending on which one is closest to you, equipment definitely varies though the Centennial Sportsplex, adjacent to Centennial Park, has a lot to write home about: two pools, tennis courts, a full gym, group classes, and an ice skating rink. The staff and clientele are friendly, and if you don’t feel like committing, you can go day-by-day at most locations for only $3 a pop ($7 at the Sportsplex)

3.) Hot Yoga Plus


Clean, consistent, and client-feedback-driven, there is a reason Hot Yoga Plus was voted Best Yoga Studio in the Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville Poll for 12 years in a row. And there’s a reason I chose to get certified and to teach here, too – expectations for teachers are high, and it shows. There are a variety of classes available, including Hot 26, Power Flow, a fusion of both, restorative, and sculpt classes (yoga with weights!) but most of them have a distinctive high-energy, happy, and grateful vibe.

4.) Percy Warner State Park


At the entrance to this park, there is a set of stone steps that seem never to end. At the top, you’ll feel like a superhero – and you’ve just begun! There are some paved walkways, but most trails here are the rugged kind, perfect for a hike. For runners, these challenging hills are are made bearable, adorned with beautiful colors in any season.

5.) Hot Box

Anything that makes your face turn that shade of red is at least worth checking out.

In truth, I’ve been here once. But it made such an impression on me that I’ve wanted to return ever since – the energy of this place is contagious! But the best part is how very personal the training seems. Instructors make classes personal by learning names and using a variety of motivational techniques, from screaming instructions to murmuring specific suggestions close to your individual bag.

6.) Shakti Power Yoga

Ok, so I had to put two yoga studios on this list. I couldn’t leave out Shakti! It’s a treasure in our city, and people know it – Shakti has developed a loyal fan following that allows it to offer fantastic development workshops, book clubs, and killer power yoga classes. The owners, Kelly and Lauren, are sisters with a genuine interest in their students’ lives. Equally interested in students are their two dogs, who roam the foyer and the studio after class, looking for a friendly face to lick.


What’s your favorite way to sweat in Nashville? (answer below or on Facebook for a chance to win the ZOOMA registration!)

2 thoughts on “Zooma Registration Giveaway + Favorite Ways to Sweat in Nashville

  1. Hey sweet friend! My favorite way to sweat is any time and any where in Nashville as long as I’m with my friends. 5:00am classes with Emma, training runs with Sarah, hikes and paddle boarding with Jon, and your (hard, very sweaty) yoga classes all wrap exercising and socializing in one. Which is pretty important when your non-working hours are limited! So fun seeing you on Friday! Let’s take a class together soon!

  2. I live in Clarksville but work between Clarksville and Nashville. I’m not a runner but I have walked in several half marathons and tons of 5ks. My very first was the Women’s Half in 2011. But my favorite place to sweat is anywhere I can get a walk in. I enjoy the greenway off White Bridge Rd behind the main office where I work (about to be the former main office where I work as we’re moving) and I like Centennial Park. Nashville offers some gorgeous scenery so there are tons of options to get out a sweat.

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