Meeting Life Where Life Meets You

FullSizeRenderThis week’s theme in 40 Days is one of my favorites in the program: Equanimity. Meeting life as it meets you. This is my third time going through the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program, and every time, I am too busy. When I let my mind run wild, it can cause a bit of a panic: what in the world made me think I could continue with my teaching schedule, sing in the church choir, be in a musical, AND lead this program, all with a new baby?!

And this is the beauty of equanimity. We all think we will have more time in the future, but we probably won’t. We need to learn to meet life as it meets us, and take moments as they come. What’s the point of letting our mind run forward into the future? All it does is cause unnecessary worry that robs you of your joy.

This week, we’re also letting go of our habits of running to sugar every time we feel we need to do so. Already, I’ve learned that I go to something sweet when I feel run-down. Instead of letting myself rest, I rush to get things done, and tell Ryan I need a treat. And I even use that language – I NEED a treat. The dietary focus of staying with that feeling instead of running to the nearest chocolate has shed a light on a habit I didn’t know I’d made.

Self-inquiry is the basis for self-improvement. Even when I feel like I’m not following the program perfectly, I know I’m actively moving towards the the best version of myself. We can be proud of our decisions, compassionate with our shortcomings, and intentional with our lives.

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