Welcome to January! It’s the time of fresh beginnings. I never liked this month until I began teaching yoga and experienced the flooding of new people into the studio. New people bring fresh energy, and I could just bask in it all day.

My husband came home from yoga last night with a nice thought: As we start this new year by cleaning up the remnants of the old, there can be empty space in our homes that was once full of joyful clutter. This morning, I am experiencing that for myself in terms of sounds (my joyful clutter is still on display) as I drink my coffee, journal, and watch my child play in silence. While the past two weeks have been noisy with hearty conversation and lots of baby-friendly songs, the airwaves this morning are still.

It can be tempting to fill this empty space right away with old, mindless ways. If you go to a grocery store this week, you’ll see candy hearts where the candy canes used to be. Instead of just filling space because it’s there, try to let it be. Enjoy the quiet, and think about the present, instead of what’s coming next.

As we spend time with ourselves, without any distractions to divert our interests, we can grow in contentment. Happiness doesn’t come from having many possessions, after all, but having few wants. Go ahead and look at that corner where your Christmas tree used to be, and realize that it’s perfect just as it is.

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