2017: The Year of Adventure!

2017 is turning out to be a big year for us already.

My first novel is set to be published later this year.

My second child is due this summer.


I’m opening a business with my family in Pittsburgh in a few weeks.

our silly pic at the OS conference last year

Surprise! I know, I’m planting a lot of those on you lately, but I swear this is the last big announcement for a while. I can only handle three major life events at a time. Besides, this seems to be the way life goes: some years are Monorails and others are more like Space Mountain. I thought last Christmas that I could have basically recycled our Christmas letter because it still described our lives perfectly. This year, it’ll be like a different family wrote it.

Ryan and I are partnering up with his parents, sister, and brother-in-law to open Pittsburgh’s first OsteoStrong center. It’s a wellness center with a system that uses the body’s natural physiological responses to grow new bone and muscle tissue and improve balance. Sometimes it helps to say what it’s not: it’s not a gym or a diet on injections or a medical facility.

It’s a little difficult to wrap your mind around, so I suggest you come check it out yourself if you’re local to the Pittsburgh area! We’ll open the center in May. If you want to be on our email list, email me to let me know, and I’ll add you so you can know exactly where we are and when we’ll open. We have a Facebook page, too! Side note: Ryan and I write the emails ourselves and we’re both waaaaay too emotionally attached to them. If you open and read the emails, watch out—I’ll probably become emotionally attached to you, too.

The six of us who have taken the plunge (Me, Ry, my mother and father in law, and my sister and brother in law) are absolutely pumped for lots of reasons. For starters, we’re learning more than we ever thought imaginable about ourselves, each other, biomechanics, and the wild world of business. I get to see my husband and in-laws in a whole new light and deeply develop an appreciation for everyone’s natural gifts. Off the top of my head, Ryan has an eye for the big picture and is inquisitive enough to understand why he’s doing something before he does it. Lindsay is a freaking structural engineer and Mary Kay consultant and is managing our build-out and membership strategy. Tim knows exactly what kind of technology set-up is best for us and how to get the best deals. Rich has experience starting businesses and doesn’t let weighing all options get in the way of his decisiveness. Dianne is tireless, loves helping people, and has never met a stranger.

The absolute best part for all of us, though, is that we get to help people get stronger and feel better. I had a membership at one of Nashville’s OsteoStrong locations and loved the way it made me feel. One day, I was walking with my baby and diaper bag in one arm and a pack-and-play (portable crib) in the other. It was a while before I realized I had crossed a giant parking lot, walked up a hill, and ascended a flight of stairs like this and I wasn’t the least bit tired—my osteogenic loading sessions had done the trick!

So that’s the plan. We’ll have the baby in Nashville and pack up and move shortly afterwards.

Oh, yeah. We’re moving to Pittsburgh.

Make that four major life changes this year.

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