UNAFRAID (2018, City Owl Press)

The Metrics government has claimed success in relocating millions of Unregistered citizens out west. But the four people who escaped their insidious plan know the truth: the government had their fellow outsiders murdered. 

As winter approaches the hidden monastery in the hills, Bristol, Samara, Denver, and Jude realize that the responsibilities of keeping their community safe and plotting their next escape has fallen upon them. But even when they reach the allusive outside, the political turmoil in their new country makes them wonder if life there is any better than life under Metrics. As trust fractures between the four friends and each tries to find a way to function in this strange new world, will they be able to continue working together to find the future they thought they wanted


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UNREGISTERED (2017, City Owl Press) A dystopian story of the United States under a numbers-driven regime. Bristol, a second child in a country with a one-child policy, discovers truth amid the government’s lies.

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