11142791 Megan Lynch

I guess the first thing you ought to know is that I don’t actually look like this: I had a month’s worth of make up on and the wonderful Joe Appel took my picture (joeappelphotography.com). But I do still write in a journal like the one pictured every single day (though I filled up that one plus another since this was taken) because writing is a lifelong compulsion that I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.

I live in Pittsburgh with my family–that’s my two sons, ages 5 and 3, my husband, and two cats. Later this month, I’ll give birth to another little one (yet another reason I look nothing like what you see in the photo right now) and the seven of us will be here in our little yellow house with the big backyard. My boys love it because it’s perfect for exploring, digging, and gardening, and I love it because there’s a big shady spot that’s great for sitting in the grass with a book. If you have any book recs for me to take into said spot, please get in touch any way you’d like:



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  1. Heather Haynes June 16, 2015 — 3:11 pm

    Oh, this is so beautiful! Send me some pics please, because I want to see your little guy and the super awesome happy family :).

    1. Of course! Send me your email address!

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